Estate planning is important for many reasons.  Have you considered who you want to inherit your assets?  If you have minor children, and something happens to you, who would act as their guardian?  If you become incapacitated, who would make decisions regarding your health and  financial affairs? With a properly prepared estate plan, you can predetermine who will handle important decisions that impact you and your loved ones.

Durable powers of attorney for health or finances allow for naming a representative to act on your behalf.   In your powers of attorney you can detail the extent of the medical measures you wish to be taken should you become ill, as well as detail medical plans of care.  Powers of attorney allow you to legally appoint someone to manage your financial assets, pay your bills, and handle all of your monetary affairs.

Attorney James Poland is licensed in California and Texas.   His legal practice in Grass Valley, California is dedicated primarily to estate planning and asset preservation, while James has extensive experience in personal injury, family law, corporate law, and business law, respectively.   James specializes in creating trusts for seniors to maximize protection of their estate, and planning for extended care expenses.